Friday, March 12, 2010

Submission to Papyrus ...

Well, today after my mentor friend gave me a cool font for the type on the Easter baby chicks tug-of-war design, I emailed it to Papyrus. I love my baby chick & bunnies. I hope they like them. I did other religious designs, but I prefer my designs to be small, not large. 

I also went to a digital printer for fabrics. We are going to have T-shirts for babies-toddlers-tweenies & for adults a series about man vs. a particular animal. I have to work on all those designs.

Etsy is taking quite a bit of time to set up. The seller portion is partly filled out. Pay Pal account is opened. I need to write the info on shipping, payment, etc... Then take product shots. I have an idea of what I will try to sell much to do...

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