Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Illustrator Raul Colon - NOIS

The group NOIS hosted a talk tonight with Raul Colon, a Puerto Rican illustrator, who is super nice. Suddenly, it hit me that I  recognized his illustrations from Banco Popular's music shows/CD covers. He is very good; has had covers for The New Yorker magazine and is has done many children's books.
It was nice to mingle & talk Puerto Rican for a while. He has an image of a vejigante-chupa cabra looking figure which he chuckled when I said Chupa-cabra. I like that word, just like Burundanga.
On more serious stuff--for we were all talking about copyright & how we must NOT sell our rights to our art. Must get a lawyer to  review all that before we sign.
I must copyright all the images I am now creating for the T-shirts.
Came up with an idea of a product shot. Marco wearing a T-shirt with pingquik figure while hiding his face with a set of cards (only showing his smiling mouth).

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