Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feng-shui Desk

I finally moved my desk facing the door. It feels much better & I hope I can focus better on the business at hand: finalizing the T-shirt designs for a focus group. I have the samples! I have the transfers! J-U-S-T  N-E-E-D to Do It!
I also need a punch line for my Tweet&Flora illustration in my head. I have the 4 birds, but I need that punch line (4 girlfriends chatting).
Good news for Tweet&Flora. I placed 2 cards in the flower store & people did enjoy the cards. Found them hilarious. Thanks to Jim's sense of humor. He wrote the lines after I illustrated them.
Jim is pretty good at coming up w/wise cracking remarks. BYT, Jim is my hubby.
Let's see what I can accomplish this week. I must start planning the week & set little goals (which I forgot today).

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