Monday, August 2, 2010

Slow Summer movement...

Yep, I have been quite slow w/Pingquik, but I have created more Pingquiks and have altered the logo, etc...Editing, editing, editing.
I am finally ready to go to the printer & work with him to see how the t-shirts come out.
This should be a step forward; a commitment to finally get this product done.
Now I have to get buyers.
Let me say that Pingquik was inspired by the Puerto Rican endangered, little parrot that flies around my Mom's apt. back home. They are very noisy, but cheery. One way to sell them in PR.
Also, I have finally created a catalogue of my Piccos line. I have to create another one for Fairmount Letters, but it does take time to prep.
I have finally found good, rounded edge, business size labels for kids & their books.
More news to come soon...

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