Friday, February 10, 2012

Much going on...

Lately, I have been substituting at schools. I like doing this, specially at my son's school. It is also a nice little income to help out at home.
I am moving along contacting WBU stores, sending out flyer or PDf catalogue, but so far only one store has bought. I need 10 to 15 stores to carry my cards. There are over 200 stores nationwide.

I went to a COSE Leads group to check if it would be good for me. Not sure yet.
Last night I attended a talk at our NOIS meeting with Chris Morris, illustrator & art director for the Plain Dealer newspaper. He is very

I have been in contact with a fellow etsian that lives south of here. She made a crocheted baby booties (BOTINES) for my sister.
Her name is Ana and her shop is
Got an order from etsy for my General Greeting cards--to a customer nearby!! I will meet her next week.

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