Thursday, February 27, 2014

Illustration, sketching & re-energizing NOIS for 2014

Recently, I took the role of treasurer for the NOIS* organization here in Cleveland. We came up with new ideas on how to enliven the organization. 

On March 19th, we will have Lindsay Ward, a local illustrator that has several children's books published. When Blue Met Egg is a lovely book using paper and drawing techniques.

We also started to post any sketches we would like to share in the NOIS Facebook page; many have started sharing them. We hope more members check it out and contribute to it.

I posted these two: the flowers were given to me by a very nice clerk at Trader Joe's seeing that I was in crutches.
The other one is a little mole that my dog Skipper almost killed! I called him away just in time. I hope the little fellow survived... 
*Northern Ohio Illustrators Society

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