Sunday, February 14, 2010

Communion Invitations posted in facebook under piccolino designs

Yes, I just posted my precious designs in Facebook's Piccolino Designs. I haven't figure out how to place an icon (is that how it's called?) on my personal Facebook.

While attending mass, it hit me that I should post them if the nice people at the Sunbeam store on Fairmount is handing out my business cards so they can see what I offer.

Today I bumped into Cindy (Tammy's friend) who happens to know about the Artist Entrepreneur seminar. It will be held in May 2010. I hope it is not too expensive.
So now my incentive to make money is for our vacation expenses. I am dying to get out of this darn cold, snowy weather. I won't be going anywhere soon., snif-snif.
Back to work, need orders....

Happy St. Valentine's!

Note: Tammy owns the Heights Floral Shoppe on Fairmount--look for her blog.
Fairmount Letters has my catalogue too
Sunbeam is a non-profit children's store.

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