Monday, September 9, 2013

Nature Center at Shaker Lakes will be selling my bird cards!

Nature Center at Shaker Lakes will be selling my Tweet&Flora bird greeting cards in the near future!

Last Thursday I visited this wonderful spot. I met with the persons responsible for sales and they both loved my cute designs. They are now waiting for a complete catalogue of my bird greeting cards; I must have at least 60 designs! They loved in particular my "Birds of a feather, flock together" which was inspired by my friend Tammy of Heights Flowers Designs.

The bees were quite busy there. Ever since I moved here, I love to visit the place, knowing that back in the early 1960's a highway was planned to destroy this area--smack in the middle of Shaker. What were they thinking??!!

Funny thing is that one of them mentioned that my bird drawings kind of look like Charley Harper's illustrations. I discovered this Ohio artist after I drew my cardinal. Charley Harper designed this poster to celebrate The Nature Center's 25th anniversary. The original painting is there. I had to buy the poster. It will be placed on my art wall in my living room.

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