Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A hopeful new contact

I think I contacted someone that might give me good insight on this business. I shall be meeting with her next week. But for now, I am working at a flower shop...

Monday, February 22, 2010

In the Mail

I did it! 
After working as a sub in kindergarten today, I finally mailed brochures, samples, price list & cover letter to Tiny Prints. Let's see if they like what they see.
Serendipity: today I was talking to a mother from school that mention a person who has designs in Target. I googled her & she is quite accomplished. She represents other artists. I am going to give her a call.
Tomorrow I will be working at the Flower store.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Submitting to Tiny prints

I haven't done anything productive yet, 'cause I have been running around doing errands.
My goal by tomorrow is to finish the "brochures" of 3 categories, plus my kid's calling cards.
Designs for First Communion & baptism, baby announcements (including for adoption) & Christmas. A price list, cover letter & my business card. 
I should also make a postcard featuring 4 designs & info. using both sides?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Communion Invitations posted in facebook under piccolino designs

Yes, I just posted my precious designs in Facebook's Piccolino Designs. I haven't figure out how to place an icon (is that how it's called?) on my personal Facebook.

While attending mass, it hit me that I should post them if the nice people at the Sunbeam store on Fairmount is handing out my business cards so they can see what I offer.

Today I bumped into Cindy (Tammy's friend) who happens to know about the Artist Entrepreneur seminar. It will be held in May 2010. I hope it is not too expensive.
So now my incentive to make money is for our vacation expenses. I am dying to get out of this darn cold, snowy weather. I won't be going anywhere soon., snif-snif.
Back to work, need orders....

Happy St. Valentine's!

Note: Tammy owns the Heights Floral Shoppe on Fairmount--look for her blog.
Fairmount Letters has my catalogue too
Sunbeam is a non-profit children's store.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Communion Invitations

I am ready for the First Communion invitations. I have the paper, the designs are ready so I am hoping people will come looking for a custom invitation at Fairmount Letters where I have a catalogue. I am hoping to get several orders from my son's class.

My favorite invitation is the little girl dressed in her outfit on the invitation. I can custom draw the dress and haircolor & style. Not to leave the boys out, they are dressed in their communion outfits and their haircolor & style can be customized too.

I already have orders for "recordatorios" small cards given to the guests, some invitations (2 of them are my gifts to my godchildren), 2 more from friends...

Let's see what happens.

What to do next?

I am sitting in front of the computer contemplating on all the ideas I have in my head as I read other people's accomplishments. They are selling their stuff in Etsy, or at local stores, etc...and I ask my self: Why does it take me sooo long to decide & do it (post it, call,etc...)?

Organization: I am organizing, deleting & fixing my designs. Then printing them to see what I have so I can choose & redo those designs.
I am in search of one single figure to be the spoke person of my little company. The elephant is not going to cut it. The elephant in the logo looks fine.

One thing I found out after reading an old copy of CBC magazine (Cleveland Business Connects): there is a seminar for us artists in need of business help called The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute offered by Cleveland's Community Partnership for Arts & Culture. Hopefully they will have it in March or April, although I couldn't find it on the web.