Sunday, March 28, 2010

Working on some orders

Well, I just finished a few orders--already on their way to PR & NJ. One already made it to FL. Now I have a several local orders that need to be delivered this week.
T-shirt designs: did a very funny group of penguins and another of budgerigars looking for something. I just googled that word & it means PERIQUITOS. I had no idea what my husband was talking about. I grew up with those funny birds. I love to watch them, but I remember I had to clean their cage.
Anyway, I will be enrolling in the Artist Entrepreneur Seminar held in May 7-14-21.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A bit of research...

I have a partner for marketing the T-shirts. We found a place where digital printing is done on fabric. Very cool. I also contacted a digital printer for printing cards, possibly for "boxed fill-in" invitations, greeting cards & note cards.
I have a series of funny animal drawings with expressive eyes that I have to develop.
I just need to sit still in front of the computer & create.
Besides that, I need to put this blog public (have to figure that out), organize the info for shipping, payment & other pertinent info on my etsy site. THAT is time consuming.
"Tomorrow is another day..." Scarlet O'Hara

Friday, March 12, 2010

Submission to Papyrus ...

Well, today after my mentor friend gave me a cool font for the type on the Easter baby chicks tug-of-war design, I emailed it to Papyrus. I love my baby chick & bunnies. I hope they like them. I did other religious designs, but I prefer my designs to be small, not large. 

I also went to a digital printer for fabrics. We are going to have T-shirts for babies-toddlers-tweenies & for adults a series about man vs. a particular animal. I have to work on all those designs.

Etsy is taking quite a bit of time to set up. The seller portion is partly filled out. Pay Pal account is opened. I need to write the info on shipping, payment, etc... Then take product shots. I have an idea of what I will try to sell much to do...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working on designs for a card company---Keeping my fingers crossed!

Well, I met my contact & she was very nice and helpful. She gave me some design ideas that particular card companies are looking for. So I made some for Easter & religious.
Today was my husband's birthday, my son's piano lesson & then  I got a slight stomach bug (probably from the Tempura food that I am not used to eating).
Tomorrow I intend to do a few more in other themes.
I hope that at least one of my designs is good to forward to a card company. As always, as a work-at-home mom, I have to balance house errands, subbing, a teacher conference, etc... along with creating.
I love to get into the zone of creating.