Monday, May 24, 2010

partner anyone?

Well, I am looking for a partner, a colleague. I do the artwork & stuff, but I need someone to do marketing, sales, looking for buyers, locally, internet. Bookkeeping, do the excell spreadsheet. I just stuffed the receipts in a folder for now. Quickbooks when we are getting semi-big.
Did some really & funny designs for pingquik. My friend Chiqui is pretty good at ideas.
The seminar was great. I am organizing the info into a big resource business book covering, you name it: branding, market research resources, definitely copyright the pingquiks soon.
Did anyone watched the season finale of Chuck? I like that silly show.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My brain is whirling with ideas...

Developing 3 lines: Piccolinos, Tweet&Flora, pingquik. My collection is divided into these. Now...start making production so we can sell them.
Tomorrow at the seminar and today preparing flower arrangements for a wedding. Got to go.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2nd Day of Seminar

Wow! There was such good info! We had Susie Frazer Mueller, an environmental artist & co-founder of Sparx in the City (Cleveland) which showcases artists & their studios. She gave plenty of good books to read, about wholesale, sales strategy: test market in craft shows, better than focus groups, try etsy...
We had Charity Ewanko who owns a graphic design firm Chartreuse here in the West side, with great info like planning your week, use a contract, where to money pinch, deductions, time tracking, networking.
A fellow artist told me about about doing transaction using a computer or phone when in an art show.
I have loads of info I have to organize so I can use. We were on info overload on Friday.
I already ordered those books from the library (we have the #1 library system of that size in the nation!!)
The Creative Habit by Tharpe Twyla
How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist.

We had more info which I will write later. I am hungry now.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Attending the Artist Entrepreneur seminar

That was last Friday. A Big overview of basic business stuff. An attorney came in to explain legal identities: whether to be a sole proprietorship, Corp-S, or LLC, its tax implications. 
For me right now, I am sole, but it seems that eventually I will have to be a Corp S. Got to consult with accountant. Hopefully next week.
Pricing: the perceived value of pricing. Very interesting. Not good to go cheap nor good to be too available with donations for events. We have to be very choosy. I still need help in pricing my services.
Overall, it was good. Although I was already aware of many things.
Now, tomorrow we shall see. I hope there is new info.
Meanwhile, I am brainstorming ideas for my little birdie. Jim says that I have to have 500 shirts to sell. Tammy suggested I pick 6 designs. I am working on a French theme, another on a skateboard, Marco wants it with a lightsabre....
Tomorrow is another day, and a penny more.