Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Illustrator Raul Colon - NOIS

The group NOIS hosted a talk tonight with Raul Colon, a Puerto Rican illustrator, who is super nice. Suddenly, it hit me that I  recognized his illustrations from Banco Popular's music shows/CD covers. He is very good; has had covers for The New Yorker magazine and is has done many children's books.
It was nice to mingle & talk Puerto Rican for a while. He has an image of a vejigante-chupa cabra looking figure which he chuckled when I said Chupa-cabra. I like that word, just like Burundanga.
On more serious stuff--for we were all talking about copyright & how we must NOT sell our rights to our art. Must get a lawyer to  review all that before we sign.
I must copyright all the images I am now creating for the T-shirts.
Came up with an idea of a product shot. Marco wearing a T-shirt with pingquik figure while hiding his face with a set of cards (only showing his smiling mouth).

Monday, April 12, 2010

I am forgetting to write COPYRIGHT on all My images. Everything that you see here was drawn by me.

Making more connections

Making more connections this past weekend. There's an organization in Cleveland that helps out women learn to sew & create clothing to sell in Fair Trade practices. I want my t-shirts to give back too. So I will contact them soon.
Haven't heard from Tiny Prints. I made the mistake of not including a SASE postcard to tell me they did receive it. I guess I will send them another letter, brochure & postcard this week. I found a phone number which I will try to call soon. There's a 3 hour time difference.
I have figured out that by selling invitations here and there is not enough to make a living. I have to sell my designs----license them is the key---for cool object, like t-shirts, bags, mugs, etc...
I have created some funny animal designs for t-shirts (or cards). So far the name I like is PingQuik.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

More card orders ready... heading to a seminar too!

Time is flying... and I still have to create more t-shirt designs. Yikes!!
I have printed 3 sets of invitations---First Communion is hot right now. I have made bookmarks as a token to guests. Some of the orders complement the invitation. A popular one is the little angel--blonde or brown hair, girl or boy done in blue & green.
So tomorrow the orders will be heading to PR & NJ. 
I enrolled in the Artist as Entrepreneur Institute for May. I am quite excited!
Happy Easter!!