Saturday, January 28, 2012

WBU Good News & resolved the printer problem

Well, Epson cannot fix the problem, but I can save an Illustrator file to a PDF & then print. One way to do it from my new mac.

I got my first order from one of the WBU stores yesterday!!!! WBU stands for Wild Birds Unlimited. So exciting! I am getting the order ready to mail on Monday morning.

I have also added my First Communion invitations to etsy. Getting ready for that too!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I am really mad at Epson...

I cannot believe that I spent so much money buying a new Mac with Lion operating system and the new Adobe CS5 Illustrator and I CANNOT print properly. The image looks jagged!!
Had a Chat w/Epson and this is what they said:
I need a Third party software RIP
because my Epson R1900 is a non-PostScript printer. The new CS5 cannot print to that. It needs a PostScript printer.
So we searched online to find that and the only thing that popped was this PowerRIP that does not support the Lion OS.
OK, so now what? Epson does not have a driver nor it recommends any software. That is ABSURD!
The guy suggested I imported my Illustrator file as a PDF into Photoshop. This is just ludicrous!!
I am looking for their Feedback & boy are they going to get it.
I think I can still create the design in the new CS5, but I have to transfer the file via flash drive to print. Nightmare!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Proud of Cleveland

I have learned that making things about Cleveland---there is a pride movement in this city---will sell. I love my Rock & Roll Pingquik. 
T-shirts, prints for framing? Wouldn't they like a mascot?!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year 2012...

Well, I went on vacation to PR and it was definitely NOT calm. Plenty of activity: flying kites, parrandas (Puerto Rican caroling), parties, getting together with family & friends...
I did sell cards at the Room Service store and I mailed flyers to the WBU stores and one responded so far. I sold almost 100 Tweet&Flora cards at the Heights Floral Shoppe last year.
What is next?
Finishing my Tweet catalogue to mail out to one store, while approaching more stores.
Creating a HNY & promo postcard (almost done) to send out as a reminder to the WBU stores & previous clients.
Here is Jim and Jorge, the creator of my website.